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The «Time» company sells hydroheating devices, designs and produces hydroheating devices, adapted to russian conditions, which are the prototypes of the best european brands, also we install and commission of autonomic heating systems.

The company began its activity in 1993 and at present offers a wide range of heating devices and bathroom radiators of the best european and russian plants, and also of our own production.

The «Time» company provides the whole spectrum of heating devices from items which can work only in perfect (favorable) conditions to those able to stand up to the most severe conditions of operation.

We sell devices only after the analysis of operation conditions (consultations with company's specialists). Our main objective is to extend … period as the minimum to 20-30 years.

The company participates in devising and producing of new items in Russia, using our work experience with the production of the best european plants. For instance «РС» and «РС-Р» radiators absorbed the best parameters of «KERMI» (Germany) radiators, exceeding them in all technical characteristics. Together with «KERMI» «Design-radiator» was devised and is produced to be operated in hot running water systems during at the least 20 years in russian conditions.

Wide range of boiler equipment: heat automatics, valves, electric, gas, diesel boilers — is able to meet … requirements.

The «Time» company provides clients with a flexible discount system, special discounts are set for construction organizations and its regional dealers. The «Time» company supplies with delivery services.

Samples of the production you can find at the all-year-round building exhibitions in Moscow, in our dealers' shops and in our office.

The «Time» company supplies with consulting and sets heating systems in few-floored (storeyed) buildings, while the troop of specialists is able to implement a project of any complexity, whichever unusual it is, including installation, commissioning and guaranty services.


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